I was thinking of saying that the actual name "Sless Is More Productions" came about around spring 2010, but that is skipping way too far ahead. That being said, the exact date can probably be pinpointed to March 31st, 2007. Why do I remember that date? Because that was supposed to be the only date in which we were to make a film. It was brief. The scene was a fight scene that was to start....and end. Simple, right? Well, I guess that did not happen. We (Patrick Dods and Jeremy Sless) filmed it all day, and shortly after had I edited it and finalized it. We watched it and liked it, but, for some reason, I was not able to sit still. If we have this cool scene that we are proud of....why don't we make a full movie and have this scene in it? BOOM! It begins. Not soon after, the story of "Zoferin" was created incorporating that fight scene between Patrick Dods and Jeremy Sless. It was a great project for a bunch of 8th graders, and even today, we are still proud of it. So, what did we move forward with next? Yea, we started high school, but not after beginning another action-adventure film on 7/7/07; Terror-List. Once again, a long trek into this filmmaking world that we knew nothing about, but who cared? We were doing it and doing it well(ish). 

Things went well, and they also did not go well. It was an ever fluctuating line that was, at least, moving. Soon after Terror-List (about a year or so), there were a few other films added to the list. They were pretty good, but it wasn't until Spring 2010 that the official name "Sless Is More Productions" was put directly onto the title screen of "Litter Today Die Tomorrow". With great excitement of thinking up the name "Sless Is More", I (Jeremy Sless) ran to the next room to tell my sister. "Cool," she responded, as if brushing me to the side.   ....    Well....I thought it was exciting. Anyway. Not soon after was "Sless Is More" on all of my projects. From "Litter Today Die Tomorrow", to "D.B.C.", to "TVT", to "Once An Agent", and then to "Recrudesce", "Sless Is More" is a name that I am going to carry with me as I move forward into my acting career. I really do love it and hope you all can love it, too. So, I think that should be good. I think I have ranted at you long enough. GO FORTH, into the world of "Sless Is More". Don't worry about checking back for updates if you don't have the time. Just shoot us a message and you can be on our mailing list. It is okay, I will only send e-mails when something good is put up; There will be no coupons or discounts or anything weird like that. OKAY! That is all (for now). Off you go! 

We have a history?

Wow. Where did the time go?