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Jeremy Sless Acting Reel 2017

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I started "Do Candy" in October of 2013 to bring awareness to drug and alcohol usage. I urge people to "know their choices" rather than forcefully telling them what to do and what not to do. This movement sparked much positive feedback, which is why the project is moving further forward.

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Jeremy Sless Reel of as 2017

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Hi! I'm Jeremy Sless. Whether you are here to learn about SlessIsMore Productions, see our work, contact us, or all three, I am sure that you will find this site quite enjoyable. All the pages and links are nicely laid out in a way that will allow you to easily navigate your way through the depths of our company. As you begin, I want to let you know of all the people who have worked hard with us since the beginning. Sless Is More would not exist without them and they deserve much more credit than their name at the end of a project. If you are someone who has worked with us before, know that you are crucial to us even if you helped out back in the very beginning. Thank you all so much and enjoy our site.

Shaun5190 is an organization that I began in honor of my brother, Shaun Lyle Sless, who passed away on August 19th, 2013 from a drug and alcohol related cause. This organization's goal is to create different artistic works that raise an awareness of drug and alcohol abuse.